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Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Traditional or IRA CD

Enjoy a risk-free investment with a Missouri Credit Union (MCU) Certificate of Deposit (CD). The interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is fixed when the deposit is made and will remain until the maturity date.

  • Minimum balance is just $500;
  • Terms range from 3 months to 60 months; and
  • Interest is compounded and paid quarterly.

When you purchase a CD from a personal financial officer at any MCU location or over the phone, you choose the maturity (term) that meets your needs. MCU pays you a high yielding, competitive rate on your money for the term of the CD. Because you've agreed to keep your money at your credit union for the length of your chosen term, your money should remain in the CD until it matures to earn the high yielding APY.

Certificate of Deposit Rates  

Payroll Deposit CD (PDCD)

MCU makes it easy to save and earn high rates! With a PDCD you can open and add to a high yielding CD with just your payroll deposit!

  • Choose a high yielding term from 18 months to 60 months;
  • You can start AND add to your PDCD with a minimum payroll deposit (see below); and
  • Increase the payroll deposit amount to your PDCD anytime and save even more!

Minimum payroll deposits:

  • Monthly payroll deposit to a PDCD is $20 minimum.
  • Bi-weekly payroll deposit to a PDCD is $10 minimum.
  • Weekly payroll deposit to a PDCD is $10 minimum.

Payroll Deposit Certificate of Deposit Rates

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