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Passwords and PINs

Passwords, Security Question Responses, Passcodes and PINs

To access your MCU account information and other services, you will setup various passwords or personal identification numbers (PINs). Members should keep all passwords or PINs confidential.



When you sign up for mcu@home banking, you will choose a username and password (a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers or special characters).

Security Question Responses

You will choose words and/or phrases (maybe even a combination of letters, numbers and special characters) to identify yourself when using mcu@home. You will choose three security questions and provide answers. These act as an extra layer of  security and you should keep your answers confidential.

One-Time Passcodes

There are multiple reasons we might send you a passcode. For example, if you forget your mcu@home password, username or  a security question response, a one-time passcode is emailed to your primary email address which gives you access back into mcu@home. Also if you setup external transfers to another financial institution, an additional passcode is sent as a security measure. Passcodes expire after ten (10) minutes. It is best to wait until the passcode expires before you request an additional passcode. It is also important that you remain on the Web page where you enter the passcode, acquire the passcode and enter it before leaving the Web page or browser. Leaving the page before entering the passcode will force a new passcode to be issued. If you need to use your Web browser to access your email account, open a second window or tab to retrieve the one-time passcode from your email.

MCU Mobile Banking One-Time PIN

Your username and password will be the same one you use for mcu@home.  A one-time PIN is unique to your mobile device and is used to authenticate it. The first time you set up your MCU Mobile Banking app, you will receive the one-time PIN to input. The one-time PIN will be sent to the primary account holder’s email address.

Call24 PIN

When you call into CALL 24 for the first time, you will setup your PIN (personal identification number).

 Debit Card and Credit Card PINs

Debit Card

MCU VISA Debit Cards or élan VISA Credit Cards require PINs (personal identification numbers).

When you choose a VISA Debit Card or an élan VISA Credit Card you will receive your PIN in a separate mailing. To change your VISA Debit Card PIN, you must come into a branch. To change your élan Credit Card PIN, you must contact élan CardMember Support at 1-800-558-3424.

VISA Gift Card PINs

VISA Gift Cards

When you activate the VISA Gift Card, you establish a PIN for Point of Sale (POS) purchases.