We are not a bank. We are member–based. When you work for your members, you deliver a completely different experience. At Missouri Credit Union, our members matter and we’re committed to seeing them and their money do more.

We believe Missouri Credit Union:

  • Strives to extend to our field of membership the opportunity to participate in services and benefits which membership provides
  • Encourages sound financial management through savings, the wise use of credit and consumer education
  • Fosters and practices the principles of cooperative pooling and utilization of resources for the ultimate benefit of our member/owners
  • Maintains and enhances participation of the democratic process at all levels
  • Attracts and develops the best possible human resources at all levels to service our member/owner
  • Strives to maintain member/owner confidence through prudent financial management and quality service

It’s not really about us.

We believe in our members. All 35,000-plus of them. The 35,000-plus that make up our heart and soul. They are our greatest asset. We believe without them, we would just be a bank. Because of them, we’re a union. And so much more. We believe in giving our members a reason to be members. So we give back to them. With great rates. No membership fees. A part of something bigger. We believe it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the only way to do it.

Individually. Collectively. Undeniably. Our members are Missouri Credit Union. Missouri Credit Union is its members.

Member testimonials about MCU

  • This place was great to work with. Very fast process to go along with the best interest rate I could find. I checked 9 other places, and MCU was much, much cheaper. - C.N.
  • I have been with MCU all my life, they have great service, have been helpful during crisis, and taken great care with my money. - R.R.
  • Great service. Friendly people. We've banked here for over twenty years and have never been disappointed. Thank you to all the friendly people at MCU! - J.M.
  • Missouri Credit Union has always been there for me. I got my first car loan from them when I was 18. The interest rates are always lower than traditional banks. Would definitely suggest if you’re looking for a new bank to try a credit union, specifically Missouri credit Union. - A.E.
  • Great loan rates, friendly staff, awesome hours, beautiful facility, would rate higher than 5 stars if possible! - O.F.
  • I've been with MCU for years. I used them again recently for an auto loan. They were so friendly and helpful! Thanks MCU for a great experience! This is why I stayed with MCU after moving even though the closest branch is 100 miles away. - B.L.
  • When you're in the credit union it feels like a big bank but the customer service is that of a smaller operation which is a good thing. Their website is easy to use and allows for online banking. - A.S.
  • I love this credit union. They can help me without having to go into the bank thru the app, or on the phone. I would recommended this MCU to anyone that doesn't usually use banks - P.B.