The Importance of Investing

Investing allows your money to work over a period of time without extensive extra work on your part. When you invest early in life, your investment will go even further as interest compounds over time. With so many investment options available, it’s essential to talk to a professional about asset allocation and investment in the future.

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Our Partnership with Woodbury Financial

Brian Welch

At Missouri Credit Union, our members matter and we’re committed to seeing them and their money do more. We know investment and insurance planning can be confusing, and we want our members to feel comfortable with their decisions. That’s why we’ve partnered with Brian Welch since 2003. He’s a skilled listener and knows how to take complex information and make it understandable. Once you meet with Brian, we know he’ll become that trusted financial adviser you’ve always wanted. And you’ll have all the resources you need to do more with your money, all in one place. Call Brian today at 573-635-1897