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Automatic Payments & Deposits

Make a payment or deposit a check automatically. Convenient.

Based on your employer’s payroll capabilities, you can have your paycheck automatically deposited to your MCU account the same day that you get paid.

Visit one of MCU’s personal financial officers (or call us and we can mail the form to you) to complete a Payroll Deposit Authorization form. Then take the completed form to your employer’s Human Resources/Personnel Officer so they can conveniently direct deposit your payroll. (Please Note: Some employers prefer to use a voided MCU account check to setup automatic payroll deposits.)

Once it reaches MCU, you can have a portion of your paycheck automatically make a payment on your MCU loan, add to your PDCD, or add to any of your MCU Savings, Checking or Money Market accounts.

The Federal Government requests that all payments of Social Security, and any other recurring federal payment, such as Government pensions and salaries, Welfare and Veterans Benefits be made by direct deposit.

If you or someone you know is receiving a check for one of these benefits, sign up for direct deposit to the account of your choice today. MCU suggests signing up now, so you can enjoy the benefits of direct deposit:

  • Safety – No more worrying about mail delays or possible loss or theft. Your money is in your account automatically.
  • Convenience – You won’t have to make a trip to cash your check or arrange for anyone to pick it up when you can’t.
  • Reliable – Your money will be in your MCU account the same day you get paid.