Your Financial Safety Net

Avoid the frustration and embarrassment of a bounced check with overdraft protection from Missouri Credit Union. We offer this service for all checking accounts in the unlikely event your account balance runs low. No need to apply for this service or sign any additional documents. It is already part of your checking account agreement with us.

Save money on overdraft fees

Rather than automatically returning your unpaid non-sufficient fund (NSF) items, MCU offers three types of overdraft protection which may save you money.

  • Transfer from Line of Credit – We can automatically transfer funds from your Line of Credit to pay items when your checking account balance isn't enough.
  • Transfer from savings account – No line of credit, no problem. We can also set up automatic transfers from your savings account.
  • Courtesy Pay – As a last line of defense, we offer a discretionary Courtesy Pay service when your account balance runs low. This discretionary service will generally be limited to payment of your reasonable overdrafts up to $200 for Your Money Your Way checking accounts and up to $500 for Your Money with Perks and Your Money with Interest checking accounts, as long as you maintain your account in good standing.

There is no charge to transfer from a Line of Credit or savings account. If you utilize Courtesy Pay, you are subject to a fee as stated in our current Truth in Savings Fee Disclosure.

For full details, please read our Courtesy Pay and MCU Savings Plans Disclosures available in MCU Anywhere.