Scams - Don't be caught off guard

Unfortunately in today's world, the "bad guys" are constantly trying out new ways to take people's hard-earned money. We recommend keeping yourself updated through As they mention on their site, it’s probably a scam if someone:

  • Makes an offer that sounds too good to be true
  • Promises that you can win money, make money, or borrow money easily
  • Asks for money to enter a contest, win a sweepstakes or lottery, or claim a prize
  • Refuses to send you written information before you agree to buy or donate
  • Refuses to give you a physical address
  • Refuses to give you the details of the offer before you make any payment
  • Requests your bank account or credit card number when you are not making a purchase with that account
  • Uses scare tactics or pressure to act immediately
  • Insists that you wire money or have a courier pick up your payment
  • Refuses to stop calling after you’ve asked not to be called again
  • Contacts you to ask for personal information the company already has
  • Gives you a check or money order and asks you to send a portion of the money somewhere