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MCU Call 24 Telephone Banking

Phone keypadConduct transactions with a touch-tone phone anytime you want with MCU Call 24.

  • (573) 443-5880 (Columbia)

  • (573) 635-9853 (Jefferson City)

  • (800) 443-5880 (Outside of Columbia or Jefferson City)


To access your account(s) with MCU Call24 , follow these steps:

  1. When you call MCU Call24 for the first time, you will setup your Call24 Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you already have your Call24 PIN, begin with step 2.
  2. Call MCU Call24 at (573) 443-5880 (Columbia) or (573)635-9853 (Jefferson City) or toll-free at (800) 443-5880 (Outside of Columbia/Jefferson City only);
  3. Use your base account number without any suffix. For example, if your account number is 12345-00, then use 12345.
  4. Enter your Call24 PIN; and
  5. Look at your current MCU statement for the suffix that applies to your account.

Remember, you are limited by Federal Regulations to six (6) withdrawals/debits in one calendar month from any Savings or Money Market account. Any other applicable fees or restrictions are listed in the “Terms and Conditions of Your Accounts” disclosure.