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Mobile Banking FAQs

  • New to Mobile Banking?

    • What is Mobile Banking?

      Mobile Banking gives you another way to access your account information using your mobile phone. Depending upon your preference and your phone's capabilities, you can access your account information through your phone's Web browser or by a downloadable Mobile Banking application. Both options allow you to view account balances, transfer money between accounts, view your account history, and send secure messages to MCU.

    • I'm not enrolled in mcu@home banking. Can I still use mobile banking?

      No, you must enroll in mcu@home banking because you will use your mcu@home username and password to enroll in mobile banking.

    • How much does this service cost?

      MCU provides mobile banking services to members at no charge.

    • Is it secure?

      Yes, mobile banking is fully encrypted using industry standard 256-BIT SSL (Secure Socket Layer). We do not allow any account passwords to be stored on your phone for security reasons.

      All data transmitted during the use of Mobile Banking, is protected by this 256-BIT SSL encryption technology, providing one of the highest levels of security for protecting confidential data transmissions. The encryption process converts all transmitted information into strings of unrecognizable data, so even if the data transmission were to be intercepted and recorded, no sensitive information could be retrieved from its contents.

    • Will my account information reside on my device?

      No, mobile banking transactions are not saved on your device. When you send an inquiry from your mobile device, the information is pulled from MCU's system and then encrypted and sent back to the device, then unencrypted so you can view it.

    • Which wireless carriers are supported?

      MCU mobile banking supports all the popular wireless phone carriers including:

      • AT&T
      • Sprint
      • T-Mobile
      • Verizon
    • Which devices are supported?

      MCU Mobile Banking platforms support the following devices:

      • iPhone
      • iPod Touch
      • iPad
      • Android
    • Do I need a data plan?

      You will need a data plan (Internet access) for the Mobile App.

  • Enrolling in Mobile Banking

    • How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?

      You enroll with your mcu@home username and password and your phone. Your phone must have a voice, text, and a valid data plan (Internet access) to enroll in Mobile Banking. You must also have a valid email address in the primary contact's mcu@home banking profile.

      With the Mobile App, you will receive a one-time PIN (OTP) via profile email address to add at the PIN screen to complete the enrollment process. The email will be delivered from our no-reply@missouricu.org email address. After your mobile device is authenticated using your OTP, you connect to Mobile Banking using your username and password only.

    • What do I do if I need to update my email address?

      Login to mcu@home banking using your username and password. If necessary answer the security question. Choose the Profile tab, locate Profile - Primary Contact Info and click the Edit hyperlink. Change the email address to a current valid email address. Click the [Save] button. Sign Out of mcu@home. Now go back to start your enrollment process anew. If you return to an open enrollment process under way using the app, the old email address continues to be used. You must exit the process and start over to allow the app software to use your updated email address properly.

    • How many devices can I enroll in Mobile Banking?

      The Mobile Banking system recognizes a mobile banking platform as one unique identifier (Client UID). The system allows you to enroll six Client UIDs. However, if you need more than six, you may call the MCU at 573-874-1477 (Columbia) or 573-635-8007 (Jefferson City) or 800-451-1477 (outside of Columbia and Jefferson City only) and ask them to expand your Client UID count.

    • Do I have to enroll each MCU username?

      Yes, if you have more than one MCU username, then each one will have to be enrolled with the authentication One-Time PIN process. However, once the app  is set up on your mobile device, just input the alternate MCU username(s) as needed.

  • Common Questions

    • Can I send a message to MCU from my mobile phone?

      Yes. On the menu selection screen click on messages and create a new message. In the subject line, put the subject of your message and then create your message in the body field. Then send it. There is a limitation of approximately 420 characters. This method of messaging is secured by the 256 BIT encryption. This method of communication is preferred from a security perspective compared to standard email which is not secure.

    • Are Mobile Banking transfers immediate?

      Mobile banking transfers are posted to your account immediately—it's just like using mcu@home.

    • Can I access MCU's BillPayer through Mobile Banking?

      Yes, BillPayer is available now through Mobile Banking. Please note that payees must be setup through mcu@home BillPayer (desktop Web version) before you can schedule payments through Mobile Banking BillPayer.

    • Can I still access my account information if the Mobile Banking system is down?

      Yes, mobile banking and mcu@home are running on two different systems. So you can access your account information at mcu@home when Mobile Banking is down or access it on Mobile Banking when mcu@home is down.

    • How many incorrect login attempts result in the Mobile Banking system locking up?

      Three invalid login attempts will lock up mobile banking. Please call  MCU at 573-874-1477 (Columbia) or 573-635-8007 (Jefferson City) or 800-451-1477 (outside of Columbia and Jefferson City only).

    • What do I do if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?

      Change your mcu@home banking password and email address immediately. Then call  MCU at 573-874-1477 (Columbia) or 573-635-8007 (Jefferson City) or 800-451-1477 (outside of Columbia and Jefferson City only). Next, call your mobile phone carrier and ask them to disable your phone.

    • How do I dispose of my mobile device, if it has mobile banking on it?

      Before disposing of your mobile device, please call MCU at 573-874-1477 (Columbia) or 573-635-8007 (Jefferson City) or 800-451-1477 (outside of Columbia and Jefferson City only) and ask that the Client UID for the mobile device be removed for each MCU account that was registered on the device. To assist in this process, you will need to tell them what type of device it is (i.e. iOS, Android etc.).

  • Downloading the Mobile Banking App

    • What are Mobile Applications?

      Mobile applications are custom-designed apps for specific phones. Therefore, these apps give the user a better mobile banking experience. You can download apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android devices.

    • How do I download the Mobile Application for iOS?

      MCU’s free iOS app (MCU Mobile Banking) is available through the iTunes App Store.

    • How do I download the Mobile Application for an Android phone?

      Download our free app (MCU Mobile Banking) from the Google Play Store from your phone.

    • Where do I find the Mobile App on my phone?

      Once you install the Mobile app, typically you will find it in the applications or games/applications section on your mobile phone. The location of the application will vary based upon the phone model.